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Let’s Splash into Spring! SS’24 Trends are Here!

As the seasons twirl, so do the trends in home décor. 

With Spring and Summer 2024 on the horizon, it’s time to take a look at the latest trends in home design. From vibrant hues to neutrals, here are the top trends for Spring and Summer 2024 home décor.

Curious to know what’s on the horizon for 2024?

Splash into Spring

Well, we have curated ”7 Spring Summer trends” embracing muted and fresh natural tones. These trends are the reflection of Classic cottage patterns, a splash of tie & dye, chic modern coastal colors with a touch of glam and sheen, antiques, and eclectic novelties incorporating a newness of Spring to your collection. 

 Are you ready to pick from a plethora of fresh textures, patterns, color palettes, and techniques?

Neutral Modernism

Neutrals are Timeless” ~ This Collection is all about natural textures and muted natural tones. If you love to explore the intrinsic relationship between the earthy-hued material and modern techniques of embellishment, then this trend is for you!

Indigo Tales

Sophisticated and timeless” ~ dark hues offer a moody ambiance with a variety of creative and original ways to incorporate the Indigo color trend into your collection. If you are a lover of florals, stripes, and tie & dye patterns, then this trend is for you!

Classic Curve

A fresh twist of cottage style with modern texture“. Infuse your home with the Classic cottage patterns & stripes for the cottage feel. If you love to dive into the trends of French Linen, Hydrangea, Rose Florals, Boota Blues, Botanical, and French Florals, then this trend is for you!

Eclectic Glam

Antiques and eclectic novelties” ~ Fusion of old modern prints, and texture fabrics, with inspirations from richly decorated interiors, and fresh and classic color palettes. Love to personalize your collection with the contrast of old & new? Check out this trend then!

Coastal Breeze

A fresh collection from neutral to bright colors along with a touch of glam and sheen. Beach lovers…If you want to relax and live at the beach every day then this trend is for you!

Everyday Collection

This pretty range is an amalgamation of beautiful textures, abstract motifs, and geometric patterns in various pops of colors. Love the dream-like harmony of pattern and color with our extra plump fillings then this trend is for you!

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