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5 Most Popular Themes of Home Décor That You Should Know

Trending textile collection

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author” – Charlotte Mass Textile professionals develop innovative thoughts in designing for fashion which is appropriately used by the people for building style icons. Generally, we do not understand the power of color, theme, and design but we have to keep in mind that they have the ability to set the mood of a room in a unique way. We should also understand the power of festivals which bring joy and happiness to our homes. Not only festivals but seasonal theme accessories can also create an ambiance that is warm and welcoming.

We know very well that the trend has changed occasionally but a great textile design company is one that makes changes according to the buyer’s budget. Because of this specialty, you get a revolution of whatever you might be using at your home. Contemporary and trendy designs are today’s time demand today. From curtains to pillows, throws to rugs everything of home textile should be crafted with a unique texture that will enhance the beauty of your home.

There is a long list of home-trending textile collection designs according to the latest trend.

5 Most Popular themes of Home Décor are covered below:

1. Seasonal collection:

Seasonal collection presents Easter, Halloween, Harvest & Valentine themes and those demands occur in respective festive seasons only. 

Seasonal collection

2. Country home textile collection:

Country home textile collection is often assumed to reflect a rural or country-side design but it also provides a classy touch that mimics the style of fine European country estates and royal retreats.

Country home textile collection

3. Garden collection:

The garden collection features formal gardens and lush floral designs. This classic trend has been around since the beginning of time, but for the upcoming year, floral has been thoroughly refreshed and modernized in amazing new dimensions.

Garden collection

4. Winter Holidays Theme:

What most of us crave!  It’s the time of the year when we drink, eat, and be merry with our family and friends. It represents gifting seasons where you wish and spread love to your family and friends with special gifts coming all the way from the North Pole. The same spirit is reflected in designs and collections that reflect elements like snowflakes, snow, stars, Santa Claus, and anything that reflects the Christmas spirit.

Winter Holidays Theme

5. Fashion Looks

Fashion Looks include metallic, indigo, black and white, geometric, and electric. Geometrical designing which was popular earlier is again creating an influence in the home textile market. When it comes to fashion color themes, it is the simplest way to create a harmonious space. Nothing can beat the hotness of metallic color. Glitter, sparkle, and an embellished look add a subtle and elegant appeal to any room. Those handmade products are an all-time favorite. On another hand, black white, and gray provide a versatile look and enhance the charm of your product.

Fashion Looks

Textile manufacturers mostly work on customers’ demands and try to provide a unique design to impress them. It helps to set the new trend in the market and also helps in enhancing the power of the existing ones. 
The Indian textile manufacturing industry has its own unique style that is nourishing with creative talent.  In the textile industry, artistic appearance is more important and must reflect the visual appeal of the product.

At Sava, our textile designers create the artwork on paper first before the production of the textile. The result of products depends on the combination of fabric texture, color, and design which help us to generate a product with aesthetically appealing effects for the right season, at the right textured ground, in the right colors at the right time for our buyers to sell their products like hotcakes! 

So, would you love to curate your own customized Home décor collection with us?
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