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Who We Are?

Back in 1980, the Founders of Sava, Vinita and Anil Khanna began the journey of their young and professional entrepreneurship with limited work experience but a burning desire to offer the world the best of home textiles that India had to offer. 

They went on in creating an organization from a Meager 500 sq. feet of rented premises and a team of 3 people who created, manufactured and marketed Home Furnishing Textiles from India to the world. 

Their export journey began from the textile city of Boras, Sweden – still a leading hub for science, education, innovation and business connected to textile and fashion.  

From a small showroom in Delhi India, they began to help the international retailers, wholesalers and importers buy the best of textiles from India.

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Long Journey began with small steps

Rest became history for a company that started as dominant Scandinavia exports and sprawled its exports to more than 51 countries worldwide.

Our Supply

To date, the company lives each day with its true mission of providing the world with the best of textiles that India can offer. 

Our purpose is to bring joy to the consumer’s life by supplying ethical, sustainable and high fashion home textile products. 



Vinita & Anil Khanna

Next-generation taking it forward

Suruchi & Anuj Khanna

Anuj Khanna

Published Author

During my 17+ years of work experience, I travelled to more than 47 countries, meeting international buyers, designers, product developers, agency owners and Top Management of large corporations (including Fortune 50 companies) and worked with them on designing collections, understanding trend boards, colour pallets and helping them buy products from India that best met their business needs.  I am often asked for a list of essential areas that are required to be known in order to develop and buy home textile products from India.
“Writing a book is a mammoth task. So, my first instinct was to look for a book available with such information on Amazon and other online portals and recommended it to the people. But to my surprise, there was not even a single book I could find on Biggest Problems being faced in Buying Home textiles from India except one single book that only talks about Textile manufacturing. That is exactly when I decided to fill in the gap and write this book myself.” So here there are:  In this book, I have addressed the Biggest Problem Of Buying Home Textiles from India and 7 simple steps on how you can fix it. I made an extensive effort to reveal the tools and templates that help to resolve the chronic problems that occur while you are developing and importing home textiles from India.

Our Team


Employing directly over 300+ A-Star team members from Incredible India! Servicing our customers with the best of the designers from most reputed Design Schools that India has to offer is the icing on the cake when it comes to product developments.

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