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Congratulations! SAVA just got AEO T2 certified Details Inside!

  • As an importer, do delays in customs clearance due to inadequate documentation or customs inspections affect your Order planning?
  • Are you constantly worried about the compliances and safety measures during the shipment of goods?
  • Does quality control issues, whether the goods they receive do not meet the agreed-upon specifications or quality standards hamper your Margins?

Well if the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then you no longer need to worry about them with SAVA.
Pleased to announce that SAVA has been designated as one of India’s AEO T2 exporters, ensuring Faster, Safer, and Secured deliveries for you.

For those of you who are new to this, an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate is an international certification program established by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that recognizes companies involved in the international supply chain that maintain safe, secure, and compliant international trade procedures. The program is aimed at facilitating legitimate trade and enhancing supply chain security.
AEO certification is granted to companies that meet specific criteria related to customs compliance, financial solvency, and security standards.

We have successfully undergone an audit process that verifies a company’s compliance with these standards and badges the certification.

There are three different levels of AEO certification: T1, T2, and T3. T2 is the intermediate level, and it requires a higher level of compliance and security measures than the T1 level.

The benefits of obtaining a T2 level AEO certification for importers include:

  1. Expedited customs clearance: AEO-certified companies are given priority treatment by customs authorities, which can lead to faster clearance times and reduced costs.
  2. Reduced inspections: AEO-certified companies are subject to fewer physical and document inspections, which can lead to faster clearance times and reduced costs.
  3. Improved security: AEO certification requires companies to implement certain security measures, which can help to reduce the risk of cargo theft and other security-related issues.
  4. Enhanced reputation: AEO certification is recognized internationally and can enhance a company’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the supply chain.
  5. Competitive advantage: Holding AEO T2 certification can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace by demonstrating a commitment to compliance and security.
  6. Recognition: AEO T2 certification is recognized internationally, which can enhance the importer’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the supply chain.
  7. Harmonization: AEO T2 certification is recognized by customs authorities in over 100 countries, which can streamline the import/export process and reduce administrative burdens for importers.

Effective now, Sava caters the significant benefits for importers, including improved efficiency, faster customs clearance, reduced inspections, and enhanced security.

If you have any queries or would like to know how we can serve you better; please get in touch with us at