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Did you know, Only about 17 percent of Indian women are active in the labor market, compared to about 75 percent of men, according to a World Bank report?
The low rate of Indian women in the workforce is largely due to social norms that view the responsibilities of childcare and household work as “Women’s work”.
Many Indian women do not see working outside the home as a worthwhile pursuit.
In spite of these social norms, there are many Indian women who want to be part of the workforce but are unable to do so for various reasons.
We are very concerned to achieve socio-economic balance in a society that has traditionally overlooked women and their capabilities.
According to the research of the United Nations ‘when more income is put into the hands of women – child nutrition, health, and education improve. They also said that gender inequality is the main reason and effect of hunger and poverty.
We at SAVA use a bottom-up approach to empower women artisans from poor backgrounds. We offer a very good environment for our women artisans so that they can work in comfort and safety and earn a living. We also provide functional skills to women laborers and try to bring about transformation in their lives by providing an understanding of health, hygiene, family life, education, and the environment.

Saluting the Women Power of Sava

We have observed that the standing of our women laborers in their community has enhanced as a result of the economic empowerment that they get through their skills of Stitching, Embroidery, Packing, and Weaving. As a result, they are now financially independent and enough capable of improving the lives of their family.

They all have an inspiring story.

Woman defy all odd situations and assemble a new future for their kids.

20 years ago, Sabita got married and had four pretty children. As years went by, she became the sole earning member
of her family as her husband divorced her. She did not let herself break down and started working with SAVA. She simply
did what she knew the best, she stitches like there is no tomorrow. If you ask her what you achieved in the past few
years, she simply smiles and points her finger toward her kids and explains “All my children are completing their
respective high schools and graduation degrees”, she declares with great pride.

In our country, female labor force participation rates are
22 points less than their expected level.

But we are extremely proud to tell you that women
constitute the vast majority of our labor-class workforce
and they play a very important role in helping the
the organization grows sustainably.

In SAVA, we celebrate every day just like women’s day. Our vision is very clear about women’s empowerment to break patriarchal mindsets that are very essential to make the world a balanced and equal place. We believe that Empowerment is not a process that takes place overnight, it is a slow process and sometimes it takes generations in order to achieve the needed structural changes.
To know more about in what ways your contribution together with our Bottom-up approach model will impact the Women’s empowerment process email us at