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Pragati Wheel is a social enterprise that strives to provide formal education for over 300 students. Founded in 2007, the organization provides education through a non-profit foundation and has supported more than 200 students since its inception.
The foundation believes that education is a right for every child regardless of their financial background or geographical location. As such, it works towards improving access to quality education for all students throughout India.

Our mission is to help children who are unable to afford an education. The foundation works with children who have lived in poverty their entire lives, and they are often unable to access quality schooling due to financial constraints. The organization believes that formal education can change lives, but only if it is accessible to all.

Pragati Wheel has been providing quality education to its students through its unique approach, which combines advanced learning technologies with personalized learning plans. The organization’s curriculum is based on the principles of problem-based learning, which helps students learn better by solving problems rather than memorizing facts.

SAVA supports the foundation with an objective to provide a ‘’Formal Education - The only wheel that will make a difference in their lives”.

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