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100% Recycled LDPE Bags

Recycled Paper Packaging

Recycled Cardboard Boxes

Recycled Paper Tags

Recycled Header cards

Recycled Kimble Tags

Biodegradable Soya Ink

Sustainable Packing Options

Did you know?

“Conscious buying” is now what the ‘Talk of Era’ and therefore the great point about “Ethical consumerism” is that the more demand we create for ethically made products from suppliers, the more supply there’ll be. So, buying sustainable goods not only supports your values within the short term, but it paves the way for more similar options down the road!

67% of consumers now identify as environmentally aware
53% are actively looking for recycling or sustainability information on the packaging
59% say they are less likely to buy a product in harmful packaging
47% of consumers won’t buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment
74% of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable packaging, and 25% are willing to pay an additional 10% or more

So are you one of them? Are you one of the conscious buyers looking for Home textile sustainable solutions offered through recycled cotton products, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certification, Global Recycled Standard, and GOTS Product Certification?